June 2015


June 2015 – Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

It is already June and time for our next fun ride. Sunday 28th June will be our second ride for 2015. I hope you are all as excited as we are about Sunday’s ride. We have a great track set with an intermediate loop of just under 30km and 3 advanced sections which will be about 8 or 9 km in total length.

You can expect a dusty ride due to the severe drought we are experiencing. For those of you coming, please don’t bring braai facilities as it is too dry to all any fires. Rather bring cold food or support our resident caterers.

Our last fun ride in March was great fun and our two photographers captured some awesome pictures.

The intermediate track was flowing with no big surprises except for the mud hole which had got quite deep by the end of the day.

Even the little riders managed the intermediate.

Below Sean Hadnum is seen crossing one of our log bridges on the Intermediate track.

Even the few quads that joined us has some fun hanging their tails out.

At the end of the Intermediate Loop there was a nice section through the quarry which made for great spectator viewing and also photography. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I think that these pictures are really great action ones. I trust that the riders who feature in them do not mind us sharing them with everyone.

This picture really showcases a new style of riding  – “Feet Up”

Our next rider has won a free ride here at Kevard Adventures for putting on such a show for everyone.

Here is the first attempt in the quarry.


Ok, now lets have a second attempt……


So you can see that great fun was had by all.

So from all of us here at Kevard Adventures, safe riding and to those of you who have booked for Sunday’s ride – See you then.