October 2015


October 2015 – Newsletter

Greetings to all our riders,

We at Kevard Adventures hope this newsletter finds you all well and looking forward to our next ride. Before I tell you what is in store for you all on the 25th, let’s show a few pictures of our last ride.

The Legend lives on!

It is always great to see families enjoying the day. This is what we are all about.

Here is a good reason why you shouldn’t wheelie in front of a photographer…

Some riders thought it was quite spectacular.

Between the last ride and now, we have been busy as usual. We had EnduroWorld and the guys from BT Racing down to test the new WR’s. We rode up at Ellesmere which always proves to be popular.

Here Gary and Kyle watch Brad Thompson coming down “Johnny Walker”

 Kyle Erasmus blasting through the gums.

The bottom of “Ifafa Cliffs”

F.O.M.O. Ride (2) – 25th October 2015.

We have just finished the first check of the route for next weekend and things are looking great. Currently the intermediate loop is 26 km long with more interesting sections along the way. As Jason put it, the track has a lot more interesting bits and not as fast as last rides route. Lover’s lane has been included in the intermediate loop for the first time. (Rider’s will be going down it as it is much easier than up. If you scroll back to the “wheelie” pictures – the intermediate route goes down there.)

The entrance to the “tunnel of love.”

Will there be a mud hole? You will have to come and ride to see.

There are 3 advanced sections which together make up one of the longer advanced loops we have had. The first advanced section is near the beginning of the intermediate loop and includes Jacobs Ladder, the bottom and middle sections of Craig’s Canal.

 The bottom ¼ of Craig’s canal.

The second loop will focus on an upstream section, plenty of banks and drop-offs around where we are harvesting cane at the moment. As we are still planning the final route, we can’t give you and distances yet. Certainly better than the Advanced of last ride.

Could this be you?

… Or maybe this?

And if you lose your bike …. We will find it, no matter where you put it!

There will be a spectator section in the quarry right near the finish. So why don’t you come along for our last ride of 2015? We really hope to see you there.

The Kevard Adventures Team.