August 2012

Hi All

July has come and gone and what a great month it has been. Lots of riding and many more laughs and camaraderie. I don’t think there has been a weekend where we have not ridden. Let us start at the beginning of the month. We hosted our 2nd fun ride for the year and had a full (to overflowing) field enjoying the first track that Johan has set. 12/10 was the average mark Johan scored on the day. Yes there were a few, “are you mad?”, “you must be joking?” and “eish’s” on the day, but as one rider summed it up “you have to ride it sometime!”.

A great shot of everyone at the start. Our new venue certainly suits us and with the new toilets thunder boxes are something of the past now.

After a long absence, it was good to see the Orange Monster belonging to Fred Potgieter back at Kevard.

This sandy uphill in between the gum stumps had quite a few people puzzling. Some riders are definitely not riding enough, ha ha. (Don’t we all wish we could ride every day?)

Johan included this nice drop-off which certainly sparked interest with the newer riders. I heard a lot of OMG’s and eish’s from the top.

Long standing Marshal Chris Murch making a splash as only he knows how while others had to show off ….

And that was that. Besides one serious injury we had a good day. For those of you who asked, I saw Hannes today and he is out plaster and doing well. Our next ride is on the 7th October, our very popular Two man team Event. Watch the press for details!

The Sunset Riders Guided Ride.

Our great friends from Gauteng, “The Sunset Riders” made their annual pilgrimage down to Kevard for some riding al Ellesmere.

This year we are riding Ellesmere in reverse and start very close to where the Ifafa River flows through the farm.

Gertrude or more affectionately known as Gertie, joined us for the ride and as usual proved to be very popular with the lads. Here, Uncle Steve very happily passes Gertie onto Jono.

True to its reputation, Ellesmere has awesome riding with the odd rock thrown in for good measure. Here Donga tries the most difficult route.

Andy Hamner, Enduro World contributor, blasts or should I say smokes his way up Misfire – cough cough! His trusty KDX did exceptionally well, in fact the vote went 12 to 1 that the bike did better than the rider!

There are some great new trails through the natural bush, something we don’t get much of any more on a lot of fun rides.

After lunch we rode up Rocky Road instead of the traditional downhill route. It is certainly a section that gives you serious arm pump and makes you wish that you only had one sarmie for lunch!

The last 10 meters of Rocky Road, looking down towards the easy part.

The same spot with the picture taken from the side.

This year we end off with 69. I still rate this section as the best route we have ever put together and will still make many riders wonder how it got named! Well to find out how 69 got named, you need to ride it and once conquered you will be told the Legend of 69.

Here Donga climbs up the last meter of 69, but not before stopping to pay his respects to the remains of the wattle tree he demolished last year. Isn’t tradition wonderful?

And then it was August. My golly gosh! Where has the year gone? For those of you who are not doing any Guided Rides this year, it is a pity because this year has an awesome route. There are 4 more guided rides before we close Ellesmere for another year.

We at Kevard Adventures wish you all an awesome August and safe riding.
Kevin Johan and Michele.