November 2012

October & November 2012
Hi All.

Wow is this year running away from us or what? Do you realise that there are less than 2 months until 2013? Where did the year go? We sit here and ask ourselves what happened to all the rides we had planned to do this year?

This is also the time that we as a group sit down and analyze the past year and start planning for the next year. This is what we have done and what the Kevard Adventures Team has come up with for the next 12 months:

We will not be hosting fun rides in 2012.

What we are going to focus on are our ever popular guided rides and also to have an “open” day once a month where for a nominal fee, we will take groups of 10 riders on a “JP” or jollie patrollie as we call our informal rides. (There will not be a marked route or an ambulance in attendance.) These rides won’t be as technical or as long as our guided rides, but still just as much fun. These will possibly be morning or afternoon rides depending on your response. If you would like to know more about the JP rides or comments on our future plans please contact us on .

A bit of history:

Kevard Adventures have hosted in excess of 32 fun rides since we formed Kevard Adventures with an average attendance of 249 riders per event. We have hosted over 8000 riders on our fun rides and guided rides over the past 6 years. Through your attendance and generosity, we have invested over R360 000 into Zamani Junior Primary School. GIVE YOURSELVES A ROUND OF APPLAUSE!

Now onto our last fun ride hosted on 7th October 2012. We were so worried about the weather but it turned out to be fantastic. Overcast and cool with awesome traction and no dust! The Intermediate was 25km long with two advanced loops, one tester and the second one a short one up “blackjack pass”.

Duncan Day and a bunch of mates enjoying the day.

Bradley Muller dropping down onto a road on the first advanced loop just before he enters the extra long river section. This is a new section which is really nice ridden either up or down.

The lower half of Craig’s Canal was ridden up stream and we introduced a nice new exit which definitely became easier as the day wore on.

We really love Craig’s canal, named after one of the few riders who pestered me enough to start Kevard Adventures all those years ago.

Craig’s Canal was named because Craig rode his 700 Grizzly quad right up to near the rider in the picture above and had to winch his bike out of the river.  In those days the river was a lot more overgrown than today.

After the river section it was on with the track. A few jumps and ruts and we met up with the intermediate track again.

Blackjack Pass was next on the agenda before we started back to the pits.

Here is father and son duo Kelvin and Bryce McGuire at the top of a pretty slippery uphill. This is why we started doing bike rides for fathers to ride with their sons and daughters, …as well as their wives.!

Below we have first time riders at Kevard Adventures, Patrick Falconer and George Willer, a friend all the way from Germany, wet but happy.

We have been asked by so many riders when the next ride will be? Well the truth to be told, we are not sure ourselves. It is so wet here at Kevard that we have already cancelled our Christmas ride. We actually thought of having a “mud run” instead of a bike ride!

The Kevard Adventures team will meet early in 2013 and decide on our format for the year. If you are keen to give us some input, please feel free to do so. We do this for riding and riders who don’t have access to riding terrain. If we don’t hear from anyone, we will do what we think you and other riders out there want.

All that is let for me to say is Merry Christmas and all the best for the festive season.

Ride and drive safe.

The Kevard Adventures Team