I Did It In Dumisa

“I did it in Dumisa!”

Kevard Adventures celebrated its 21st Fun Ride in 2011. Way back in 2003 Kevin Cole and a few friends decided to start having regular monthly rides on the farm Kevard on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast. This monthly get together rapidly grew in popularity until the group got so big that Kevin had to start marking a track for all to follow. In July 2004, the first bike ride was held to raise funds for a local primary school. This ride was dubbed “The Dumisa” and was held again in 2006. This was such a success that later that year, Kevin launched Kevard Adventures and the rest is history. With over 30 official fun rides held, countless guided bike rides for smaller groups, Bike launches and Press days for Yamaha Distributors, Kevin and his team have certainly been busy.

“I did it in Dumisa” has become the trademark for Kevard Adventures.Our rides were started because it was such fun and we will continue doing fun rides until it stops being fun! “Judging by our 21st, which was an absolute blast, we will be doing this for quite a few more rides” said Kevin. Kevard Adventures has a fantastic team and Kevin is the first to acknowledge and praise everyone involved, from Michele and Debbie, to the admin side with Jackie and Marina in the Coffee shop, Jeremy and Johan on recovery and Dennis and Innocent the markers and track finders. There is such a passion for what we do, be it finding a new route to marking or adding new ideas and obstacles for the riders’ enjoyment or sampling delicious homemade chocolate cake from Jackie’s coffee shop.

Kevard caters for the whole family and that is no lie. From a well appointed and fenced off childrens playground, to a kiddies track, to the main track which caters for novice, intermediate, advanced and very advanced bike and quad riders.


For the past 5 years Kevard Adventures in association with the Dumisa Farmer’s Association have hosted one Charity ride a year to raise funds for the Zamani Junior Primary School which is situated in the area. So far enough money has been raised to install electricity and water at the school and pay for the first year’s water and electricity bills, as well as to construct a massive 155 square meter classroom which doubles up as a hall. The 2010 fund raiser coincided with Kevard’s 21st fun ride and this year the funds raised will go to the construction of a 70 square meter grade R classroom.

Kevard Adventures 21st Ride was celebrated in style with each rider receiving a goodie bag, 21 lucky draws, a 45km intermediate, 54km advanced route as well as an awesome 62km route for the very advanced rider.

The intermediate route was similar to an easy hair scramble with easy climbs and stream crossings. Kevard caters for quad riders as well as two wheelers, both groups giving the photographers lots of action shots.

After the “drop” in and out of the stream there were still plenty of smiles and thumbs up!

The first very advance section certainly had a difficult rock climb with either a left or right line. Most riders opted for the right a more difficult line.

The ever present marshals were fantastic as usual helping many a rider with fuel encouragement and calling for assistance.

The game fence loop proved to be the best yet with 9.5km of “single track” riding. Technical and slow, not too challenging but absolutely awesome. “We need more riding like this” said a few riders. “Rides are becoming too fast and we are forgetting how to ride the technical sections”.

After the third advanced section, it was back to the hall for a refuel for both bikes and riders.

Never in Kevin’s wildest dreams did he ever think that they would still be doing rides after 4 years and it is a HUGE thank you to all their loyal riders for their continued support as well as our main sponsors, Yamaha Distributors, and their local dealers, Pick n Pay Family Store Scottburgh, Expo Graphics, Halfway Toyota, Brent and Fiona Hall for their awesome photographs (www.bfhall.co.za) Aquelle Systpack. New comers to the Kevard Adventure group of sponsors and supporters are Startline.


“I did it in Dumisa!”

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