September 2010

WOW – great fun was had by all at the Stone Age Family Fun Ride on Sunday 5th September!

Approximately 340 adult riders having the greatest time out on the tracks and at least 50 under 12’s having a rip roaring time on their totally separate and safe kiddies track.

We think the kiddies had the most fun on the all new “training” track situated behind the hall where mom and dad can watch their up and coming young riding stars!

Riders of all ages really having a good time on and off the track.

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The track was great with such a variety of challenges …

(Insert Image)

For some it was more of a challenge than others …

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Judging by the track or what is left of it – maybe our very advanced is too advanced …

(Insert Image)

for the majority of riders?

Do we need to tame the track down a bit? Why don’t you mail us with your comments? – especially if you were one of the many who got stuck on the very advanced!

Even the registration ladies had some eye candy at the fun ride!

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Just some “housekeeping” please guys:

Get word out that we will not accept any entries on the day!!!

If you are a first timer at Kevard Adventures – you need to get online and do the following:

Register first (if you have done this already – no need to redo!)

  • Click on event date and enter
  • Make payment
  • Fax entry form
  • Confirmation payment to Michele on the fax number provided
  • Register rider (all you need to do is enter your username and password)
  • Click on the event date and follow instructions

Why do we do all this?????

So YOU – our regular favourite riders can have the best ever ride without bottlenecks and queues…..Make sense now?

Have a fantastic week and just to let you know that we don’t sleep on the job and your team is already working on the next track for the 7th November 2010!