October 2009

Here are some of the comments posted on the event from our riders who enjoyed the Family Fun Run.

Athol Wesselink : Another epic track – Thanks Kevin
Britney Ireland : Thanx
Warren Hollingsworth : Fantastic
Gordon Reid : Fantastic see you in December
Conner Laming : Too much mud
M McKenzie : Great time
Marthinus Knepscheld : The best ride!!!
Marthinus Viljoen : Thanx !! Awsome ride
Alistair Caldwell : Really great
Craig Grossett : Cool
Matthew Grossett : Yeah no dust
Craig Daniel : Lekker
Bronson Roe : The very advanced loop was very slippery
Philip Liquorish : Great ride
Daniel Ledeborer : Muddy but Awesome!
Ian Waghorn : Wow!
Tim Cutting : Thank you to all the guys who gave a helping hand. Much enjoyed
Riaan Groder : Great ride
Sean Suttie : Muddy
Jason Price : Mud mud mud Cool thanx
Shane Welsh : Very Good
Tyron Price : Awesome need more
Graham Ross : Very Good Ride
Dave Buchanan : Magic as usual
Sean Sideway : Awesome
Gustav Gelbert : Awesome Ride
Jonathan Gelbert : Not well. Pigs would have so much fun in the mud
Petrus Jansen : Awesome Ride
Chris Lehmkuhl : A bit muddy! Ha Ha!. Just kidding
Allan Tanner : Always good fun
Craig Couzens : Eish!! Sucked a bit of air on Clay Hill
Jasper van Rooyen : Luvly
Dave Lees : Cool
Chris Woolley : Not enough mud
DeWinnaar Viljoen : Awesome ride
Stephen Smith : Stickier than snot
Sarel de Jager : Great
Brett Jamison : Awesome – Got my ears clipped on!
Maec House : Wooow good stuff more!
Glen McDonald : Always Good
F Vermaak : Broke a finger
Jan Grobler : It was my first time @ Kevard & I thoroughly enjoyed! Excellent day!
Rene Munnery : Hell yeah. Great!
Greg Karpakis : Awesome
Roger Ireland : Not enough mud
Gerda Schenck : So much fun & well organised, Thanx
Colby Rogers : Very well organised. Thank you!!
Mike Maggott : Great muddy hill on the advanced route – Install ski lift next time!
Travis Dickens : It was lovely
Christine Southgate : Great ride
Che Southgate : No smoking at briefing / Awesome ride