March 2011

Hi to all our riders!

Those of you who attended our last event on the 6th March will know what a blast we had!

382 riders!!! And this only because our website was so inundated with entries over the weekend that some very lucky riders managed to slip through. This has now been rectified and will certainly not happen again guys so please make sure you enter on time so as not to be disappointed when we cut off entries for the next event.

So what happened on the track?

Things were really flying high, as you can see!

(Insert Image)

They just love it when they see a camera.

(Insert Image)

Our PW track is certainly a HIT!!!

(Insert Image)

NO, this is NOT the “FOOT UP” section! The “flying” certainly had some riders wishing they had taken the Intermediate route.

For the first time we had a great jump …

(Insert Image)

This was how the jump was supposed to be taken …

(Insert Image)

Not like this …

(Insert Image)

(If anyone can identify the rider in the picture above, please give us his name or ask him to contact us… for this most spectacular picture he has just won a free ride!)

Even though we had some awesome Party Tricks happening, no injuries on the day and a huge big thank you to our all day on call Medics … just in case.

Thumbs up all around.

Remember our next event will be hosted on Mother’s day, 8 May 2011, so bring the family along and come for some more fun in the sun.

Food and drinks on sale all day, playroom for the little ones and of course, divine chocolate cake for all the moms, ladies, dames, skirts or chicks – just bring them along!

Entries on line only!!!

Please quote your NEW Dumisa reference number when faxing proof of payment to ensure your booking.

Be there or be square.