October 2008

Here are some of the comments posted on the event from our riders who enjoyed the Family Fun Run.

Shaun Jooste : Way way way cool! Awesome!
Matthew Daniel : Nice and technical. Thanks Kevin
Jacqueline Mortlock : Good
Jason Meilhon : Great and snotty!!
Catherine McCann : Awesome! Lots of fun!
Paul Stroebel : Brilliant Route
Nico Linde : Great! Mud rather than dust! Thanks for a great day!
Kevin Mitchell : Awesome. Muddy but brilliant
Ivan Labuschagne : Very nice
P.M. Wallas : Muddy ride but great ride
Russell Oosterberg : Exceptional
Blair Brown : Best Yest!
Sean Christie : Lovely. Monthly bath!
Richard Seaman : Great Ride
Mark House : Awesome. More mud!
Neil Oxenham : Great!!!
Jack Buter : Excellent. Thank you!
Bradley Pieter : Very Good
Kyle Miller : WOW
Willie Botes : Great Ride
Hylton Doyle : Very good
Ralph Francis : Muddy and Good!
Phillip Huber : Very good and muddy thank you
Jannie van der Merwe : Best one so far
Pieter Snyman : Well done
Bryan Melvill : Wet
Graham Ross : Advanced route was awesome
Craig Daniel : Lekker
Mark Keeve : Very wet but lovely
Neil Millar : I won! Great course
Riaan Allen : Great advanced track
Dave Buchanan : Magic,as always
Linda Potgieter: Yum Yum
Chris Witlock : Very good