June 2009

Here are some of the comments posted on the event from our riders who enjoyed the Family Charity Fun Run.

William Gillitt : Very good course. Thanx
Graham Ross : Good ride
Shiree Hudson : Very nice
Athol Wesselink : Very good track, thanks
Roger Clark : Great, thanks Kevin
Daniel Ledeboer : Awesome
Gareth Jones : Was great fun
Mitch Suter : Great staff you have!
Justin Ponter : Great ride. Nice family day def be back!
Steve de Klerk : Thanks a lot. It was great fun,thanks for long stretches
Greg Labuscagne : Thanks!
Craig Daniel : Perfect again!
Ruben Pillay : Enjoyable
Stephen Smith : Fantastic
Michael Smith (5) : My bestest 1st ride
Nico Linde : The ride was good
Candice Mills : AWESOME
Ray Botha : Wonderful day, thank you
Hannes Botha : Lekker
Steven Bouwer : Very cool loop, thanks guys. Hard work I’m sure
Shaun Sandstrom : Very good
Douglas Groves : Very flat but fun always
Ricky Sneddon : Very enjoyable ride
Traeson Naidoo : 10/10, Excellent!
Rob McNamara : Great, see you next time
Dave Buchanan : Magic as usual
Paul Fryer : Great thanks
Mike Glendinning : Very very good!
Ronald Lezar : Fantastic
Greg Brown : Awesome, thanks