August 2009

Here are some of the comments posted on the event from our riders who enjoyed the Family Fun Run.

Athol Wesselink : Another classic Kevin Track- Sorry I flattened your sugar cane
Sean McCann : Great ride
David Behr : Great fun
Dave Buchanan : Fantastic as usual
Rowan Thompson : Wet!
Roger Ireland : Lekker
Frans van Rensburg : Very Good!
Mike Glendinning : That was the very best
Dwaine Daniels : First time, awesome!
Russel Jackson : Excellent
Tim Cutting : Great fun thanks
James Candey : Fabulous, thanks to Michele for accommodating
Hayden Watson : Was good, thank you
Deon Mante : Excellent intermediate track
E. Potgieter : Good ride
F.J. Potgieter : Great ride
Mike Godfrey : Nice but wet!
K.E. Smith : Great ride thanks
Les Reed : Beautiful
Ivo Carrol : Great
Craig Gallagher : Very good course
Stephen de Klerk : Great! Thanks a lot. Liked the fast stretches, bit slippery
Hector Groves : Great ride
Douglas Groves : Forest section rocks!
Pierre-Richard Potgieter : Nice course interesting in the wet!
Sven Brauteseth : Good ride
Gareth Price : Awesome
David Venter : Very very good!
Richard Bond : Very nice ride
Mike Borland : Amazing course
John Hitchock : Bloody Marvellous
AR Chandler : Awesome route
Caryn Louw : Thank you once again 4 a wonderful day
Kate Parker : Excellent very nice ride
Quentin Labuschagne : Well done, brilliant!
Shane Peixoto : Had fun thanks
Raymond Vermaak : Best eva!
Frans Ferreira : It was fantastic
Barry Cole : Lovely track, very nice advanced section. Thanks Kev.
Jannie van der Merwe : Better than the 3 B’ss (bed bottle blonde)
David Robert Newton : Great first ride. I’ll be back thanks!
Franclim Bogalho : Best one ever. Quads need love too
Pieter Pretorius : Not enough obstacles