Important Information

Safety is of primary concern at Kevard Adventures.

The nature of our sport is such that despite all precautions, accidents can happen. At Kevard Adventures, through the use of warning boards, and extensive use of candy tape, hazards on the track are marked and red Day-Glo markers are used to show the route. (Similar marking style to Hare Scramble Marking)

Although as much attention as possible is given to marking the track as safely as possible, Kevard Adventures cannot be held responsible for markers and hazard markings which are damaged or removed by riders during the course of an event. Riders need to ride with caution and excercise common sense when they approach a section of the track which they deem to be technical or potentially dangerous.

No riders will be allowed to participate in a ride unless their bike is in good working order and the rider is wearing protective clothing.

Protective clothing (as addressed below),

  • Helmet with a chin strap
  • Long pants
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Reasonable footwear

Riding boots are preferable but should a rider arrive with normal boots or covered shoes they will be allowed onto the intermediate or novice route but at their own risk.

When routes cross busy farm roads, marshals are used to assist riders and to ensure their safety. At no stage will any track cross a national provincial or district road.

Ride Rules:

On marked rides, riders are allowed onto the track only after they have attended a rider’s briefing and may ride on the track and do as many laps as they wish.

The track will be closed at a specific time on each day and from that time no more riders will be allowed out onto the track.

Riders who have already left for a ride before the cut off may complete the lap they are on.


Please note that this is a fun ride and not a race!

All marking is red Day-Glo.
All markings are on the left-hand side.
Turns are marked with double red Day-Glo either on the left or right, depending which way you will be turning.
Triple Day-Glo means a “hairpin” turn so Slow Right Down!

Red Candy Tape denotes DANGER – either a hole, trench, rock, steel stake etc.

At no stage must you turn around and ride back on the route!

If you are in trouble, move off the track and get help from other riders or phone one of the contact numbers
on the handout.

Signs on the route:

“Stop Ahead” and “STOP” mean just that. Marshaled road crossing or check point.
Advanced – advanced riders only.
Advanced Bikes – Advanced two wheelers only.
Intermediate / Quad – Intermediate bikes and all quads.
No Quads – Route not suitable for quads.
Caution Merging Bikes – Advanced and Intermediate / Quad routes merging so slow down.
Novice – Novice route.
Caution Children– Advanced and Intermediate riders approaching novice riders – slow down.
Caution Adults – Novice riders approaching advanced and intermediate riders – slow down.




Single marker Double marker Triple marker