February 2014

Newsletter – February 2014

Hi Riders,
Just when you thought we have been “napping”….. take a look at what we have been up to:

A bit of “crashing””atCellphone Tower and also lots of “Rock and Rolling”on our latest hill called Johnny Walker.
Unfortunately, as you are all aware – our website was hit with a vicious virus and we lost everything! We have been hard at work putting together a brand new website and as you have clearly seen, things are looking good and we so ready for our next big event.
We have not been sitting around idly and have hosted many private rides (which are now open for booking in 2014) and what fun we have had!!! Loads of new tracks discovered and many wheelies, spills and thrills

An easy way to cross the Moyeni Stream!

Rocky Ridge on Ellesmere is always a challenge.

At Kevard Adventures we always lend a hand to ensure that your day’s riding is the best experience eva!

We have slow technical stuff and great flowing fire breaks too.

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So don’t lose heart (or wheels) stay tuned…………………….

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The Kevard Adventures Team