February 2015

Greetings All our Riders,

Thank you to all our riders for the support in 2014 – due to your entrance fee at each ride, we were able to buy ALL the prize giving awards for Zamani Junior Primary School. Three prizes for each grade R – 7. Including 3 extra awards for each grade: Neatness, Attendance, etc. (A total of 72 award bags were made up of stationary, sweets, juice and chips for each award!)

Kevin, Mrs Mkwani (Zamani Junior Primary School Principal) and Michele.


We are well into the New Year and things are looking mighty fine for our first Family Fun ride on Sunday, 15th March 2015. We have two dates loaded on our website so far – and the usual applies guys: FIRST BOOKED AND PAID – FIRST TO RIDE!

We will always have one or two surprises in store for you – like this:

Only joking – this is a naaaasty hill called Mlavana at Ellesmere on the Very Advanced Guided ride.

Don’t think we have been fast asleep……far from it, Johan and I have been flying high, searching for new routes just for you! (Johan a bit more flying than me!)


Most of the A team have been having tons of fun looking for new routes for this year. Last weekend we had a great day working on the route for our guided rides. This is something we want to concentrate more on this year.

They are such fun and last for about 7 ½ hours, starting at 08h30 and ending at between 15h30 and 16h00. The route varies depending on the group and normally ends up being about 80km. Only one group last year managed to do the entire route before we had to head for home. (Who is up for a challenge?)

Our latest routes will consist of water with loads of water … (did I mention water?)

And beautiful scenery….

You just need to make sure your legs are long enough ….

I must just say a huge thank you to Johan, Jason, Kelvin, Brad, Brett, Steve T and the other A Team riders who give up their weekends to ride – what a tough job.

Below is a picture of Jason (aka JP), Kelvin and Brett having a break after an awesome 1,75km river section.

As already mentioned, our next fun ride is on the 15th March – that is only 14 days away. Yesterday we finalised the track and I am happy to say that the Intermediate is a comfortable 26 ½ km long. It is nice and flowing and reminded me of the “hair scrambles” I used to race way back when. I think it is better than the last track we set so you guys had better start prepping your bikes.

There are 3 advanced sections in the route for the 15th. The first is a short river section of about 150m, then the second is much longer clocking out at 6 ½ km and the third being about 1 ½ km. The second loop is definitely the more challenging of the 3 sections.

The good news is this time there is a “velly velly naaice” spectator section within walking distance from the Start. It is right at the end of the track and will have some interesting obstacles and challenges. With it being situated at the last 350m of the track I am sure there will be a few spills and thrills.

The last thing I wanted to mention is we had a visit from some intrepid Swiss cyclists. Monica and Robbie have been cycling around the world! Yes you read correctly, around the world for the past 10 years. They pitched up at the cottage gate one afternoon looking for a place to stay.

What an interesting couple and wonderful story. 10 years, 80,000km and lots and lots of stories. Log on to http://www.velocos.ch and follow them and read their story about their incredible journey which started in 2004.

Until Sunday, 15th March…….Ride Safe and stay on the bike!

The Kevard Adventures Team.