May 2014


May 2014

Hi Good Riders,

Those of you who entered and got to ride 3 weeks ago, agreat ride was had by all


I must say it was good to host another fun ride after our years break. As usual there was something for everyone, from nice flowing paths …..

…. To tricky bits and rocky roads



The very advanced river section certainly proved to be popular.


When in doubt….walk it out!

Entries were limited to 100 riders only and we set an amazing Intermediate track of 23.5km for all to enjoy with some advanced sections looping off.  A brand new bridge was the talk of the day, with the riders absolutely loving it!


“Gail Mitchel enjoying the day”

“OH BRIDGET! – at the bottom of Craig’s Canal”


So good to be back in the saddle with all the “ol” faces!



  A “hole” lot of fun had by all!


With some riders…..not sure which way to go????

Our trustymarshalls had a fairly relaxing day with keeping a close eye on all to ensure safe riding. Always a helping hand to all riders

One poor rider “lost” his bike on the  3rd Advanced section.


…while another lost it on the same hill!



Great food and ice cold drinks were on sale by Rose’s Caterers and enjoyed by all throughout the day …

So guys – don’t delay, the next big ride is booked for Sunday, the 20th July 2014 and I will stretch it to 125 riders this time due to the long waiting list we had from the previous event.

First booked and paid – first to enjoy!

Get online now and make your booking, please remember to send your indemnity with proof of payment to Michele to ensure your spot is booked



We, at Kevard Adventures, wish you all safe riding, always.


Kevin, Johan and Michele.