November 2014

November 2014

Greetings All,
November is almost half done and I am sure most of you have been re-learning your school work as we all deal with exams in some form or another! I think that with the exception of those guys braving the “Roof of Africa” most of us have done very little riding this past month.
Our last guided ride was great fun, with the Mitchell’s and the Thompsons’.

We left early for Ellesmere and if any of you know the riders in this group, you would understand me when I say that the chirping and banter started before we left! Kevin, Gail, Jordyn, Darryn, Steve T, Keith, Kelvin, Jason, Errol, Johan and I left Kevard and headed off – North to Cell phone Tower.
Our first real challenge was “Q20” done in reverse. Thanks to brave Barry, we found a new “tiger” line which tested a few people. Here Darryn gives it a go.

If the steepness looks deceptive, look at the rider at the bottom! Nasty hill – hence it being called Q20 – to stop the squeaking.

This is a new break on Ellesmere which has not been ridden much.

Another new section at Ellesmere is the Nontunja Stream. Something new and different which adds to the experience of the day.

Errol working his way down Johnny Walker on his new bike.
The more I ride this section, the more I enjoy it. For me the beauty of Ellesmere is that the riding is so varied. You have open firebreaks to the Ifafa river, to rocky climbs to sandy streams. This year we had our lunches at the small waterfall on the Nontunja Stream.

Steve and Kevin Mitchell share a lighter moment at lunch. Below you can see how happy Kev is to be handing “gertie” the resident snake to Jason for falling on 69 – for the uninformed, that is one of our routes on Ellesmere.

A team picture after the last climb before wending our way back to Kevard.

The 12th October saw us hosting another Kevard Adventures fun ride, and although we did not quite have a full field, we had a lot of fun.

Adam had a blast, doing the intermediate on his TTR50, almost entirely by himself. This is one of the main reasons for the existence of Kevard Adventures.
Where can our kids get out and ride in a safe environment and enjoy themselves? Unfortunately there are not many places around but don’t worry, Kevard Adventures is not going anywhere. In 2015 we will continue to host both fun rides and guided rides.
The picture below shows that we will also cater for advanced and very advanced riders!!

Below Gerald Preston leads his group of friends down the slippery cascades.

“I lay down beside my bike to feel the water!” This was such a slippery section of the advanced route.

Our marshal Jason worked tirelessly at the last climb out of “Craig’s Canal”. A HUGE thanks Jason for all your effort on the day – you can marshal the intermediated track next time!

This hill was certainly the most difficult climb of the day. Congratulations to everyone who did the advanced and survived.
The last portion of the newsletter has to be dedicated to two riders who despite being fairly new to our sport, decided to tackle the advanced section.
To Stanley and Vuyo, well done and well tried.

Here Stanley and Vuyo work their way down first section of Craig’s Canal.

It was all smiles when they finally made it back to the pits. Thanks to everyone who made the day so enjoyable. We have a great group of riders who support us – thanks. Also thanks to my neighbours for letting us ride on their farm. The money raised from the October ride will be used to buy the end of year prizes for the Zamani Junior Primary School.
Until next time,
Ride Safe.
The Kevard Adventures Team.